RaGE Introduces new Mobile Router Family

BitWave Mobile Router family provides broadband connectivity to any IP-based network device over a single or multiple cellular links

RaGE is excited to launch it’s new family of mobile routers to the market. These are full featured mobile gateway devices and designed to serve as a mobile, remote network gateway.  They connect any IP-based network device to the WAN without the need for co-location with a business LAN. Using either the wired LAN connection, or through the dual-band, dual-concurrent WiFi connections, the BitWave family of routers can be configured in any combination of wired private network, a WiFi private network and public WiFi hotspot.

The routers can integrate up to 6 cellular connections, depending on model, to provide redundancy, additional wireless carrier coverage and the highest bandwidth available in a mobile router. This utilizes the cloud bonding service to combine multiple cellular links into one high bandwidth connection with single IP address. Each router continuously monitors each connection and intelligently handles bonding, load balancing, and connection failover, providing the most reliable cellular broadband experience available. Load balancing allows more throughput without incurring additional costs, while failover/preferred mode allows the majority of traffic to go to a single preferred carrier.

The router designs ensure reliable operation. Reliability extends beyond the multi-level system monitoring, health checks, and modem handling functions to include the physical hardware design. The routers use rugged metal housings and embedded industrial-class hardware to ensure operability in the harshest application environments.

Additional services include the cloud based control room that monitors and reports on the activity of all BitWave routers deployed in the field as well as allowing administrators to set users up, view configurations and set alerts. It also allows for the set up of geozones, giving customers the capability to identify certain geographical areas on the map and generate alerts based on activity in these zones.

With the addition of this router family, RaGE Systems now offers end to end wireless network connectivity solutions from basestation designs to create or expand a cellular network (public or private) to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE. This results in a quick and convenient network roll out  in such markets as Transportation, Public Safety and Enterprise.

Feel free to reach out to us for further information and to learn more about how we can address your needs.