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We help companies from start-ups to large industry-leading players alike develop products better, faster and cheaper. Our customers come to us because we help them lower the cost of product development, reduce their time-to-market, and improve their product quality.

Better:   At RaGE Systems we understand the connection between business plans, design requirements, product validation and the manufacturing process.  Knowing how each affects the others allows us to map risks and opportunities throughout the entire product life cycle.  Addressing these metrics at every phase of the development process helps us improve quality and reduce risk.  Quality is a major focus from the beginning and thru production.   Delivering you the best product possible is our focus.

Faster:  Our team jumps in on day one, and with our experiences, we start producing results immediately.  We focus on clear, complete and detailed specifications.  By providing a detailed design roadmap, we get to prototypes and development platforms quicker, reducing the time spent learning the technology, finding bugs, and getting our customer’s product into production.  Fast to market, fast to revenue and fast to profits.

Cheaper:  Whether you are a start-up or small company and can’t justify a full-time development team, or a large company needing specific knowledge for a new product, RaGE systems is there to help.  Outsourcing your design to us allows your team to focus on what matters most: market development, sales and expanding to line revenue.  Our team focuses on developing a product at the lowest possible cost, with the fewest mistakes, and getting it into production quickly and cheaply.

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