BitWave Advanced

The BitWave Advanced is an enterprise class router providing broadband internet connectivity over a cellular network or though a wired backhaul connection.

This device connects IP- based network devices such as laptops, video cameras, DVRs, and M2M hardware.

DataConnect AdvancedWith two integrated 802.11ac WiFi radios, the simultaneous dual-band WiFi can be configured as a private wired network or public and private hotspot deployment. Multiple independent Gigabit Ethernet ports, each with their own MAC address, enable both WAN and LAN cabled connections. The Router can be configured with up to three embedded cellular modems which can be bonded together to provide a single IP broadband connection.

The patented cellular router includes an OS which continuously monitors the cellular connections to ensure connection persistence, and it intelligently handles bonding or connection failover, providing the most reliable cellular broadband experience available.

Remote management functions enable over-the-air firmware upgrades, configuration changes, and real-time access to router performance data. The Router can be delivered pre-configured for your network, providing plug and play installation and provisioning.

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