BitWave Pro Plus

The BitWave Pro Plus is an enterprise-class router and RaGE Systems most advanced mobile network gateway on the market. It provides broadband Internet connectivity over multiple cellular networks.

Designed to serve as a mobile, remote network gateway, the BitWave Pro Plus connects any IP-based network device to the WAN without the need for co-location with a business LAN.

DataConnect ProThe Pro Plus offers multiple gigabit Ethernet ports for both WAN and LAN cabled connections. The BitWave Pro Plus can be configured in any combination of wired private network, a WiFi private network and public WiFi hotspot.

The patented Pro Plus cellular router can integrate up to 6 cellular network connections to provide redundancy, additional wireless carrier coverage and the highest bandwidth available in a mobile router. The operating system continuously monitors each connection and intelligently handles bonding, load balancing, and connection failover, providing the most resilient cellular broadband experience available. Load balancing allows more throughput without incurring additional costs, while failover/preferred mode allows the majority of traffic to go to a single preferred carrier. True bonding mode allows all cellular WANs to be aggregated together to form a single IP link – ideal for applications requiring the maximum throughput from all carriers without degradation from the performance of any single link.

The Pro Plus uses embedded industrial-class MiniPCIe hardware, external antennas, locking connectors and a rugged housing to protect critical components and ensure reliable operation in the harshest application environments.

In addition to offering great connectivity and reliability, the Pro Plus also provides an abundance of computing power. With a fanless 64-bit quad-core processor and 4GB memory the Pro Plus can run customer-specific applications, saving the cost, space, integration, powering, and support of multiple devices. On-board flash and mSata can be used for local content, caching, or customer-specific applications.

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