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RaGE Systems Increases Your Capabilities

Your project and product is unique and complex and it is pushing your team’s limitations.   There is only so much time, space, proficiency.   There are some niche areas of expertise you could use an extra pair of hands to handle.   You wish you had special task force to sort out these tough challenges as they arise.

We believe each customer and product is unique. That’s why RaGE Systems takes the time to get to know you and the distinctive attributes you bring to the marketplace. We listen and gain insight into your product ideas, key features and product benefits that will drive both top line growth and bottom line success. Then, we apply our expertise for you.  We tirelessly collaborate with your team throughout the entire design and development cycle. Beginning at concept development, to planning, production, and ultimately delivery we ensure overall system performance as a united team.

Distinguished Experience

We know wireless systems.  From DC to over 100 GHz, RaGE Systems team members have defined and designed products that cover all the frequencies.  We have produced commercial systems in cellular 2G/3G/4G/5G, WLAN, WWAN, P2P, PMP, SCADA, ENG from the IC implementation through base stations, access points, RFFEs and UE’s.

In Aerospace and Defense our team has designed receivers, transmitters and multi-function, miniaturized assemblies for COMMS, ELINT, EW, Smart Munitions and special mission products.

Our team members are experts in specifying, designing, production, and engineering testing. All have 25 or more years of experience developing complete wireless products. We focus on the latest technologies and merge our knowledge in various field and markets to bring the best options for you, our customer.

Complete Product Design Services

We are experienced and can assist in all phases of the product lifecycle; planning, specifying, designing, prototyping, characterizing, manufacturing, production testing and supply chain management.  Along the way, we’ll develop collaborative plans to take the risk out of the development and ensure that you have a high-quality product that is ready for certification.  A summary of services we offer include;

  • System specification development
  • Product trade-offs, risk identification and ROI modeling
  • Design document development
  • Design engineering
  • Proof-of-concept prototypes
  • Complete product characterization
  • Certification testing and support
  • Production manufacture management
  • In-house, on-shore or off-shore production test
  • Supply chain management
  • And of course, end-to-end project management

Together with you we create 360 degrees of capability.  It’s easier to set your sights, and close in on the solutions, when we round out your expertise.

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